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Directional Non-Force Techninque® (DNFT®) is the original low force method of chiropractic.  It has been developed and taught for over 70 years.  This unique specific method provides gentle, effective, and long-lasting relief in a minimal number of visits.  Due to the safety and precise analysis of DNFT, Dr. Matt is able to treat patients of all ages.  To date his youngest patient was 3 weeks old with the oldest being 94!

X-rays and MRI are not necessary for analysis and are rarely required except to rule out pathology or complicating factors.  Dr. Matt is trained to know when a referral for a radiological exam would be beneficial.

For a list of conditions treatable with DNFT click (here).

Is it true that one must have frequent adjustments to hold the correction received?
From the stand point of a DNFT® practitioner, the need for frequent visits suggests that the structure has not actually been properly or completely realigned.  This assumes that no new injuries or aggravating factors have occurred since a previous visit.  With DNFT Chiropractic, frequent visits are not necessary once a problem has been completely corrected.

Does stress cause misalignment? If so, wouldn’t it render the chiropractic treatments ineffective?
Unless the stress is very severe, it usually doesn’t create specific misalignments.  Stress may, however, accentuate or exacerbate the effect of misalignments which are already present.  If one feels multiple areas of pain under stress, this is an indication that misalignments have already been there.  Mild to moderate stress on a properly aligned patient does not alter corrections.  Patients who receive a DNFT® treatment while under emotional or work related pressure often report an increased ability to handle stress in general.

Visit www.nonforce.com for more information on Directional Non-Force Technique.

* Gentle, low force adjustments
* Minimum number of visits
* No twisting, cracking, or popping
* Longer treatment sessions
* Specificity and attention to detail
* Increases function
* Relieves chronic pain
* Safe and highly effective

DNFT® improves health and relieves pain by structurally aligning the bones to remove nerve interference or compression of nerve fibers. Increased nerve function allows the body's inborn life force to express itself.

DNFT® adjustments improve structural function and help restore the body's self-healing capacity. When the nervous system is free from distress of structural insults it can orchestrate the natural healing potential of the body.

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