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Nutritional Injection Cocktail Menu

“flour•ish… to live within an optimal range of human functioning”
By Appointment Only In Office- We also now offer Flourish Shots in Ojai - see below for location and schedule. Occasionally we also have mobile locations in Ventura. Follow us on Facebook for more info.

Flourish Shot … $25
Our signature cocktail shot.  This is the foundation of all of our custom cocktails.
Methylcobalamin (B12), Vitamin B6 & Lipotropic factors (Methionine, Inositol, and Choline).
All of the benefits of B12 plus hormone support, extra weight loss support, cholesterol, heart, brain & liver support. Lipotropic factors are substances that have the ability to remove and prevent fatty deposits all over the body.  These essential nutrients assist the liver in naturally breaking down and transporting fat.  An amazing side benefit- these shots also support liver detoxification and hormone balance to help you truely Flourish!

Fat Burner … $30
Flourish shot with carnitine added for additional fat burning power. Great for heart health and athletes too!


á la carte B12 … $20
Energy, weight loss, mood focus, stress, heart health, memory, nerve health, a must for vegetarians.

Add Ons:

Glutathione … $10

B-Complex… $5

Ojai Flourish Shots at Ojai Pilates & Fitness

Every other Wednesday from 11:30am to 12:30pm
Up coming dates: Dec. 16th Jan. 6th 2016 Jan. 20th 2016

More Information about the Ingredients in our Flourish Shots:

Vitamin B12... Methylcobalamin - Why Our B12 is superior to most B12 injections:
At Roots Natural Medicine we use methlycobalamin 100% of the time- NO exceptions!  Methylcobalamin is the most bio-available form of B12. A cheap, but stabile form called cyanocobalamin is often used in supplements purchased in drugstores or in injections used in the conventional medical setting such as weight loss clinics.  Cyanocobalamin not only contains a cyanide molecule which is a toxin, but it also requires cofactors to convert it to methylcobalamin which some people are unable to do! 
Here are some things you may not have known about B12:

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause nerve damage, fatigue, depression, neuropathy, poor memory, loss of balance mania and psychosis.
  • Drugs that can cause B12 deficiency: alcohol, oral contraceptives, antacids, proton pump inhibitors and H2 blockers, Metformin, Dilantin.
  • Vegetarian and vegan diets are B-12 poor and often require supplementation.
  • B12 helps safeguard against allergies. B12 stimulates production of TH1 suppressor T cells that down regulate IGE antibody production.
  • B12 can optimize metabolism and improve energy; key components in weight loss!
  • B12 is necessary for the formation of the myelin sheath around nerves. This is likened to plastic coating on wires. This keeps are nervous system from figuratively speaking, getting “our wires crossed”.
  • B12 protects against heart disease by reducing homocystine levels. Elevated levels of homocysteine increase cardiovascular risk by increasing atherosclerosis and hardened arteries.
  • B12 also has an important role in forming new red blood cells and can cause an anemia if deficient. Anemia can cause fatigue, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate and weakness.

Glutathione – The Mother of all Antioxidants
Good For: athletic recovery, anti-aging, liver health, brain health, heart health
Here are some things that you may not have known about Glutathione:

  • It is a triple threat to toxins: it neutralizes free radicals, enhances the immune system, & detoxifies the liver.
  • Modern life — everything from refined foods to over-the-counter painkillers to stress — robs the body of this vital antioxidant. Also, even if you’re doing everything right, aging takes a bite. Around age 45, our glutathione levels start to slip. Ultimately, those levels can dip as much as 50% below optimal as we age.
  • Decreased Glutathione levels have been linked to a number of age-related diseases, including Alzheimer’s and macular degeneration. A 2004 study by the University of Alabama found that the red blood cells in male Alzheimer’s patients showed a significant lack of glutathione.  A study of patients with heart disease found that the lower the levels of glutathione, the more likely they were to have a heart attack.
  • Unfortunately, oral supplementation of glutathione doesn’t work – it is degraded in the stomach and intestines by acid and enzymes.  The only way significantly boost your levels is either though intramuscular or intravenous injection.


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